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The Computer and Systems Science Department (DIS) of the University of Rome "La Sapienza" is devoted to carry out advanced research, to investigate innovative applications and to develop professional skills in three main areas: information technology, automation and automatic control, operations research and management. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) research group is ranked among the top AI research groups worldwide, and enjoys a very strong international recognition. The group is mainly concerned with Knowledge Representation (KR), Planning and Search. In particular, it investigates several areas of KR that are highly relevant for the KLASE project: the definition of formalisms for various forms of reasoning, the definition of methodologies for knowledge integration, the design of methods and techniques for reasoning about actions, and the study of the computational properties of KR formalisms, languages and algorithms. Within the project, the Roma unit "La Sapienza" is responsible for the work package on automated reasoning for software verification and validation; in particular, it is responsible for defining a knowledge representation formalism, for analysing requirement integration methodologies, and for designing techniques and algorithms aiming at (local and global) consistency checking of the requirements. Moreover, the unit has a strong experience in automated planning, and in particular in the valuation of Quantified Boolean Formulas (QBFs).

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