ITC/IRST is a reference point in the international scientific community and, at the same time, a hub for the development of technologies and applications with social and economical impact. It is one of the most important international research centers in the areas of Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence, in particular concerning goals and actors oriented methodologies for software development, natural language processing, code inspection and testing, "model checking" for formal verification, and automated planning. Based on these competences, ITC/IRST is responsible for the workpackages concerning the development of the methodology, the natural language processing for document analysis, and the analysis and testing of systems based on the goal/actor paradigm. Furthermore, ITC/IRST is strongly involved in the activities on formal validation and verification and automated planning, based on "Model Checking" techniques. ITC/IRST has a strong experience in software development, industrial applications and management and coordination of large research projects. ITC/IRST is responsible for the global coordination of the project, for the development of the tool, and for the experimental application in the industrial case study.

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