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The Department of Informatics and Telecommunication (DIT) at the Faculty of Science of the University of Trento is composed of research groups active in the area of Computer Science and Telecommunication. The research areas of interest include Software Engineering, Formal Methods, Data Base and Information Systems, Algorithms, Requirements Engineering and Networks. The research group is one of the most important Italian and international groups in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Management and Software Engineering. It collaborates with several international groups, including the Database group led by Prof. John Mylopoulos at the Computer Science Department of the University of Toronto, and the group led by Prof. Mike Papazoglou at INFOLAB of Tilburg University. The competences of the group include: Requirements Engineering, in particular goal-driven techniques for requirements modelling and analysis; Agent-Oriented Software Engineering, in particular requirement-driven methodologies for multi-agent system development; and Automated Reasoning, in particular the development and experimental analysis of planning systems based on propositional satisfiability (SAT). Based on these competences, the University of Trento unit is responsible for the workpackage concerning the analysis and specification of systems based on the goal/actor paradigm, and it is strongly involved in the tasks on automated reasoning for formal verification and validation. In particular, it takes part to the design of validation techniques based on propositional satisfiability, to the development of the associated verification tool, and to the analysis of the industrial case study.

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