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DIST is one of the most important and dynamic realities within the University of Genoa. The DIST Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence is one of the most recognized groups in Italy, and has taken part to a number of prestigious international collaborations. The research activities of the group mainly fall in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Formal Verification. In particular, in the area of Artificial Intelligence, DIST has a specific competence in the area of planning; in this context, its activities focus on defining action representation languages, and developing and experimentally analysing planning systems based on propositional satisfiability (SAT) and Binary Decision Diagrams (BDDs). In the area of Formal Verification, the Lab focuses on the development of effective techniques and procedures for automated deduction. In particular, the group has developed a C++ propositional checker called SIMO which is currently used in Intel Corp; the C version of the solver is part of the model checker NuSMV, developed by IRST (Trento) and Carnegie Mellon University. The Genova unit is responsible for the activities on automated planning for process automation, and takes part to the activities on automated reasoning for formal verification and validation. In particular, within the context of the automated planning activities, the unit is responsible for the definition of an high-level language for planning in an actor-based framework, and for the design, implementation and experimental evaluation of an actor-based planning system based on propositional satisfiability checking. In the context of the automated reasoning activities, the unit is responsible for the design of validation techniques based on propositional satisfiability, and takes part to the definition of BDD-based validation techniques.

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